Pre-configure multiple rtmp credentials for multiple sessions in the day

sorry if this is a newbie question, but if i need to stream to a platform multiple sessions throughout the day and I am given the spreadsheet of rtmp…can I pre-load those before the event? and choose which one to run at any given time?


Yes, it’s certainly possible to load up multiple RTMP streams on a single encoding channel, there is essentially no limit to this (other than performance and bandwidth if running multiple simultaneously).

In order to specifically choose which to run at any given time you’ll just need to be logged into the admin web portal and can simply click “start” on whichever stream you want to start.

For an automated approach this is a bit trickier but still doable, our API allows for starting specific streams on specific channels and so you could in theory use external 3rd party API control software running on a computer on the same network to schedule specific streams to stop/start at specific times.

I can provide some examples of what the API command might look like if you choose to go that route.

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