Power supply specs for Pearl

Hi all,

Trying to obtain a replacement power supply for my Pearl and was wondering if anyone could fill in the gaps. I know I need a 19V center positive supply but I’m not sure about the amperage, watts, etc. Thanks!

Just following up. If anyone has Pearl (1) could I trouble you to share the specs on rhe back of the power adapter? Thank you.

Hello, thank you for contacting Epiphan, I’m sorry for the delay in our response! If you’re looking for a power supply for the original Pearl the following specifications should help,

Output: 19 Volt DC, Max. Current: 6.32a, center positive
Plug Inner Diameter: 2.5mm
Plug Outer Diameter: 5.5mm

I’ve also provided an image from the back of one of our adapters.

I hope that this helps, please let me know if you need more information and I’ll see what I can find, thanks!


Thanks for much for responding and no worries about the delay.

I appreciate the info!