PEARLmini edit LiveBroadcast page

I use PEARLmini and would like to stream over local network only and use LiveBroadcast link that has low latency and suits my devices. But this page has a Epiphan layout, but I would like to show pure input picture without extra data on page.
How can I edit it to show only video on screent without extra data on this page?

Hello Sergei,
Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, there is no way to modify this page within the Pearl. You would need to find some third-party solution for modifying the way the browser displays that page. You could make the video full screen, this removes the various UI elements You could also try pulling the other feeds into software that displays it in a manner to your liking.

In this case I’m talking about the streams listed below the local broadcast link. You can open them in VLC player for instance and there’s only the video signal and no branding.

I hope this information helps, let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!