Pearl2 Video crop is moving by itself

I noticed something very odd about the video cropping.
To be honest we haven’t used the Pearl that much due to being remote and so we just used Teams Live events. But I have seen this happen before while testing.

For this event it was required that we have 3 cameras on screen side by side at the same time.
I used Teams meetings with NDI to send the video feeds to the Pearl2.
I then created a layout with three video inputs and cropped them to get them to fit nicely.
I selected the 4:3 ratio and positioned it in the middle to crop out the wide camera angle.

In testing this worked perfectly fine; however, during pre-event setup the crop was resizing and jumping all over the place all by itself.

It would happen so fast that I would fix one camera and then go fix camera 2 then check camera 1 again and it would be in a random place and size again.

This happened constantly until the event started.
During the event it only happened once and then fixed itself after 10mins.
It wasn’t too out of wack. Still centered, just slightly wider.
In the pre-event it was resizing to really small and way up in the corner all the time.

I’m sorry to see that! That’s very odd behavior that will definitely require further investigation.
Can you please send us an email at with:

-Serial number of your device
-what firmware version is currently installed
-make and model of video sources and the setup of your sources into Pearl-2
-any sample video recording available and/or screeshots
-permanent logs
-configuration preset without System, Network and Epiphan Cloud settings

Permanent logs and configuration presets can be found on the maintenance page of the Web UI.
Logs can be found at the top of the maintenance page, while the configuration preset option can be found halfway down. To download a config preset, give it a name, uncheck System, Network and Epiphan Cloud and click “Save.” from there, the preset will appear above where it can be downloaded to your computer.

Hi, could I ask if this was resolved please? I’m having the same issue, on multiple Pearl 2’s.


Matt Lee

Hello Matt,

It has been a while since someone has reported a similar issue to us!

Can you please confirm your Pearl-2 units are running the most up to date firmware, 4.20? You can find the firmware version on the info page and firmware upgrade page of the WebUI.

If so, please send a video of what you’re seeing on your end to so we may investigate and attempt to replicate.