Pearl2 switches from fixed IP to DHCP


We’ve got a replacement Pearl2 because our own Pearl2 is broken.

We set the device to a fixed ip-address For a number of days the device kept this specific ip-address. But suddenly last weekend the Pearl got a DHCP-address from our server ( When I logged in to the webinterface however, the network configuration was still configured for the static address mentioned earlier. Unfortunately we did not activate the log option. Has anyone encountered this problem and what can we do about it? The Pearl2 is running the latest firmware 4.3.0s.


Apparently firmware 4.3.0s is not the latest firmware as our own Pearl was already running 4.4.1 in january. I am not able to upgrade using the upgrade button in the web interface because it tells me I’m already running the latest firmware ?!?!?

I forgot to mention that after a reboot the Pearl2 is again active on the fixed ip-address. No automatisc switching to DHCP since last monday…

Very odd, it should not get a DHCP IP unless it switched away from static by the webUI or touch screen, or factory reset…
I will PM you with the firmware file for 4.4.1