Pearl mini XLR and RCA at the same time

I have a slight problem with Pearl mini. i have connected both XLR cables and RCA. problem is that in 1 channel i need only XLR audio and in other channel only RCA. the channel that needs only RCA works perfectly but the channel that needs only XLR has both XLR and RCA sounds. I checked many times that only XLR is checked, but RCA is still being sent to the XLR channel

Hmmm this is very strange - the RCA and XLR are not connected in the hardware so audio from the RCA inputs should not be heard from the XLR inputs when only the XLR inputs are selected as the audio source in your layouts.

To confirm, and as a first test, if you route the XLR sources to another device like a set of powered speakers, do you hear the same issue with the Pearl Mini omitted from the signal chain?

Are you using a channel as a source in that is using RCA as inputs in a layout, and the channel is selected as an audio source? Is the RCA audio heard in every single layout that has XLR input selected?