Pearl Mini USB Tethering removed?

Hi there.

I see from the current manual and admin back end that the Network menu no longer has the option to USB tether to a mobile device.

I can see from an old version of the user manual (here, page 110-111) that this used to be an option.

Is it still enabled or able to be enbable? If it was removed, why? My network went down last week just as I was about to stream. I could record to SD but had to start a separate Zoom meeting on my laptop and use my mobile as a hotspot for my laptop, and then bring in my Pearl Mini output as a webcam into my laptop. That all felt quite unecessary if I could just tether as a fallback option.

Many thanks for a great device and great support. And season’s greetings!


Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this manual hosted by Holden UK is very old, as Phone Tethering was removed around 2018-2019 and is no longer supported.

In theory, you can connect Pearl to any network device that has an RJ45 connection, and can provide a network connection with a captive portal, so an network bridge, hotspot, etc.

Please see our updated manual for Pearl Mini below: