Pearl Mini remote file download

I just subscribed to Epiphan Cloud which gives me remote access to my devices. I am using the Admin panel to manually download my recordings. Through a Chrome browser my download speed is around 250KB/s, so my 8GB file is going to take 10 hours to download. I have 6 recordings around this size so I need a better way of doing it. Both ends are on 100Mb internet connections.

What is the best way to remotely get files off a Pearl Mini?

My other thought is to have a laptop locally connected to the Pearl and remote desktop into it to download the file and upload it to

There are a number of things that might affect (bottleneck) download speeds via a cloud service like Epiphan Cloud, noting, the following things are not inherent in Epiphan Cloud but network themselves and their ability to move data from one to another. Things like local network and ISP (internet service provider) speeds and reliability on both ends (yours and Pearls), distance (many network hops can reduce speed/reliability), Cloud server performance, network throttling, etc.

If there is indeed a bottleneck that exists between your computer and the remote Pearl, you could use Pearl’s Automatic File Upload feature to move recordings automatically to a networked storage location via FTP, SFTP, CIFS, etc. Inside the network storage you could create a folder in which Pearl recordings land and this folder could be linked to Cloud service of some kind. This would allow uploads from Pearl to occur on their own time in the backend, reducing the amount of manual interaction.

I hope this helps!