Pearl Mini is stuck on reboot screen and will not change

Hello All, I work for an A/V warehouse. We recently came a cross a pair of Pearl Minis that needed to be reset to default for our quality check process. Once we hit the “OK” button it rebooted and stayed stuck on the “Pearl Mini” boot up screen. We have tried to unplug it from both the wall and the device itself, as well as leaving it overnight and turning it on in the next morning to the same thing. Has anyone else ran into this problem? if so how did you fix it? Do we need to send it back to have it repaired? If more information is needed please let me know. Thank You!

Hello there, thank you for reaching out to Epiphan Video! We have seen similar behavior with an issue that was fixed in a recent firmware update. In some cases the Pearl has a bit of defunct Epiphan Cloud data that tries to load, and results in the Pearl locking up during booting. This usually happens when a preset is applied to the unit, but can happen even without this trigger. The fix is to use an API command to delete this bit of Cloud data, and can be done through a direct connection to the Pearl or over the network.

You would open up CMD in Windows, or a similar program in other operating systems, and send the following command,

curl -X DELETE -u admin:

This should work for a direct connection, but if connecting over the network you would likely need to swap out the IP address with the Pearl’s actual address. If you have a password on the Pearl you would need to add it after the colon.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you run into trouble with the command I would strongly recommend coming on our chat, or sending us an email to so we can follow up directly.