Pearl mini freeze sometimes

Sometimes the device freezes, the screen does not respond to commands and the web interface is not reachable. turning it off and on again it restarts, but the problem recurs. i have updated the firmware to 4.15.0h but the issue is the same. Another unit in possession is functioning correctly instead.
The recorded permanent log seems shows no problem

I’m sorry you’re running into this issue with your Pearl Mini! With this sort of issue it might be better to put in a support ticket to, with the permanent logs and a configuration preset attached so we can take a closer look at what might be going on.

With that said, we can certainly do some troubleshooting here. We sometimes see this kind of behavior when a Pearl Mini is over configured, so that might be happening here. How many channels do you currently have configured? We normally recommend two for most setups, and sometimes three if certain conditions are met.

How many physical inputs do you have? Are any of them USB? Are you ingesting any networked video sources? The Pearl Mini can only handle a single RTSP input or a single USB input, not both simultaneously.

Hopefully, this will help us start figuring this out, but as I mentioned before for a case like this sending in a ticket might be best!

I have already contacted the support, but after the first reply, they never answered me again.
I’ll try to contact them again, thank you for the support.

I am so sorry to hear that! We do try to reply to all of our support requests, so perhaps there was some technical difficulty in our ticketing system. I will keep an eye out for any tickets from you and make sure they get answered!

In attach the log and the config file of the device.
In the log at Apr 15 01:20:59 there is the last msq, after at 7:01 the
The device freeze when do nothing.
The system is always on and freeze randomly.
We have another system almost the same and no problem there.
I changed the power supply to that of the sister system, but the problem
Thank you for the support.


(Attachment is missing)

(Attachment Epiphan_Pearl_508.preset is missing)

I am sorry, but the attachments don’t appear to be attached, you’ll likely need to send us an email at You can send them that way. I can certainly take a look once I have the files.