Pearl Mini Auto sign-in for CMS: Panopto

Curious, but is there a way of auto-signing into the Pearl Mini’s “ad hoc” create event option when configured for CMS: Panopto?

We are trying to find a way to streamline how faculty can easily record a session without having to sign in and have it automatically uploaded to a Panopto folder.


This is an interesting question and one that may require a bit more information gathering to find you the right solution! We have seen other EDU institutions integrate a scan badge reader into a Crestron system that is integrated with Pearl, while Pearl is integrated with Panopto. Essentially, the user comes into the room, scans their badge and all their user credentials populate. The user then uses the Crestron panel to determine their event settings and then everything is sent to Mini which starts the adhoc event with Panopto!

If you could reach out to us via it would be great to hear more about how you’d like the adhoc integration to look and to see how we can help make it happen!