Pearl 2 with Crestron


I work for an integrator and I’m really new to the bussiness. Currently I’m designing a room with hybrid conferences and I want to integrate the pearl 2 with 3 cameras via network and also want to integrate a crestron control device like the DMPS3 or RMC4., so you are able to control the Pearl2 via a touchscreen.

My questions are:

  • Can I use 3 cameras (lumens VC-A71P) with their PTZ controller and the Pearl-2?

  • How can I integrated the Pearl2 into the Crestron “world”?

Or schould I overthink my whole concept.

Thanks for your help.

Crestron has developed modules for the Pearl family devices available free on their website. This module is HTTP API based, however if you’d prefer to do your own custom development, there is an HTTP API and RS-232 user guide available for the Pearl-2 devices for integration and use