Pearl 2 IE support

Good Day,

After the august firmware update to Pearl 2 we are no longer able to view streams in IE. An HTML5 support error now appears. Is there anyway to stream to an IE browser?


Unfortunately no. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox are the utilized platforms for HTML5. Due to the default disabling of Flash in all browsers, the viewing option for Pearl, Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini were updated to HTML5 viewers as the default.

ok thanks for the intel.

In Epiphan Pearl 2 manual, one section say

HTML5 does not support PCM audio encoding. If PCM audio encoding is configured for a channel, audio does not play in the preview link for the channel.lPCM audio encoding at 48 kHz is not supported. A live broadcast preview link is not provided for a channel that is configured for PCM audio encoding with a sampling bitrate of 48 kHz

In the web interface of one Epiphan device, try to change the Audio Encoding of one test channel to AAC 48 KHz.

This test work for me in web browser that had failures