Pearl 2 died during Firmware Upgrage

one of my Pearl 2 rack units died during a firmware upgrade. The white LED on the Power button will come on and off - that is the only sign of life.

Is there any way to do Firmware CPR ?

Oh that is really unfortunate! The white LED flashing wouldn’t just be a firmware issue though, this is lower level where the mainboard isn’t even POST-ing. I would recommend disconnecting power from the unit, letting it sit for 10 minutes then reconnect and see if it can power back on successfully.

let me clarify, white LED does not flash but follows power mode. Steady White = on | off = no LED.

I have done the 10 min disconnect and longer 3 week one. I just used my spare unit earlier and am getting around to fix this one now.

Ah sorry to hear that, the unit would have to be RMA’ed in this case. Unfortunately there wouldn’t be more that you can do there.

You usually are best off contacting the partner you purchased the Pearl2 from in order to process the RMA through them. But if either they are not able to assist, or you would prefer dealing directly, you can file an RMA request with us directly here: