Pearl 2 and Microsoft Stream problem

We have created a setup with the Epiphan Pearl-2 and we are using Microsoft Stream with RTMP compabitibility to utilize our hardware.

When we create the link from Microsoft Stream, it tells us to copy the RTMP string to our hardware (Epihpan Pearl-2) and then we go to that and copy the RTMP and Stream accepts that. This might work for a while, but if we let it be connected, the connection suddenly is lost and Microsoft stream tells us there’s a hardware problem.

From there on, we cannot (no matter what we try) get the created Microsoft Stream to accept the hardware again, so we have to create a new Microsoft Stream, but this also create a new link for the users to have, so thats very inconvinient.

I need to have a process i know that always work, and something i can create days ahead, so i can send the link out to the Livestreaming users in good time.

We are running latest firmware 4.10.0k

Can anybody help me fix this problem?