Panic! Help inputs are gone


I just rebooted my pearl-2 and all my inputs (sdi and hdmi are gone??? Help and what to do!!

I also restored to factory default, really need help!



Sorry to hear you are encountering this problem. Unfortunately these symptoms would indicate a hardware failure of the grabber board within the unit. I would recommend RMAing the unit, as long as it is under warranty we will replace it. You can either contact the partner you purchased this from so that they can assist with shipping and such, or you can file an RMA with us directly here:

I just experienced this same issue. Is this confirmed that it is a hardware issue? It happened to me when i booted the unit yesterday afternoon. Any idea what might have caused this?

This would mean that the grabber board has failed. Without an RMA it will be challenging to determine the source of the problem. I apologize for the inconvenience

Same issue here. When we installed the Pearl2 encoder everything was fine. But after placing it in the field and booting it up the inputs are gone except for USB-A & B (just like the picture above).

Hello Ron0x,

To echo Mat and Adam, the symptoms described indicate a grabber board failure. If you recently purchased this unit and it is still under warranty, please reach out to the Partner/Reseller to inquire about a warranty return. They should be able to file an RMA on your behalf, otherwise please file it directly with us:

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.