Others can't see my Facebook Live videos

One video, other people can see. When the streaming stopped, I had to re-start and they couldn’t see the second link. Any ideas?

I searched Facebook, found this but it’s not helpful.

Hi there, not sure I understand, sorry! Can you provide some more details about your setup, what you were trying to accomplish, and the problem you encountered? Happy to help here if I can!

My setup is Webcaster X2 plugged into ethernet, connecting to a BlackMagic ATEM.

I started with livestream to Youtube, after it disconnected, it wouldn’t let me livestream to Youtube. I was getting a “Can’t retrieve a persistent broadcast from Youtube”. Even after rebooting, I gave up and livestream to Facebook. Part 2 is viewable, but only I can view part 3. Everyone that tries to view part 3 get permission denied.

|Link to part 2 and part 3

Here is the link to the video where others are getting the permission denied.

This error can be caused by an uncommon bug on Youtube Stream Now. This has been reported to YouTube, it is something they will have to fix on their end. Unfortunately it isn’t something we can fix around on our side. The workaround would be to go here: https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard?nv=1 then click Reveal and Reset. After this should be fixed and good to go!