Optimal bitrate for 1080p on YouTube

What’s the minimum bitrate upload I can get away with for 1080p on YouTube and still have decent quality stream?

I would recommend at least 4000kbps (4mbps) for 1080p30.
If bandwidth is limited and achieving 4000kbps upload is not possible, scaling down to 720p and 2000kbps-2500kbps is a good option.

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There’s a video from Epiphan where they do gave their suggestions and they’re pretty accurate

Here’s the video where we dig deep into bandwidth requirements for streaming - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRqYE09D4-A&index=16&list=PLTicazR09ncRviMwAbtBQb9ADiCW3CVlX

Why maximum bitrate is limited to only 4Mbs?
Would it be possible in future firmware updates to make it 6, 7 or 10Mbs?