On air light integration

Is there any way to tie an on-air light into the pearl mini so it turns on automatically whenever a stream starts?

You can connect a USB status light to any USB port on Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini to indicate the status of recording and streaming. There is however on support for select models of Kuando BusyLight and Delcom Product’s USB HID status indicators.

Do you have documentation for this?

Do you just plug it in and it works? Any settings?


Hi, we bought 7 Pearl mini and the BusyLights UC Omega from Kuando. As it is described in the docs, we just plugged it in but nothing happens. The light is flashing when connected (startup sequence from Kuando?) and when we start a stream nothing happens. It stays off - no green or red light…

Firmware: 4.15.0h
Bios: 03/12/2020

Is there any trick?

BTW: we tested the lights with a PC and they are working as expected with eg. Teams or whatever

If you’ve very recently purchased the Busylight, these are version 2 of the Kunado lights. Version 2 has had issues with function and detection unfortunately, and our development team has been working on a fix which should be coming in the next firmware update

Good to hear that this is an issue and it is addressed. They are 2 weeks old, so it looks like they are version 2.

Thank you for the quick response.