Old builds of Linux driver for VGA2USB Pro?

Hello. I have a VGA2USB Pro (too old to have a category on these forums, apparently!) which works perfectly in Windows but I’m trying to get working in Linux.

Unfortunately the current drivers don’t work on any of my machines (vga2usb_probe() returns -32). Epiphan support say they can’t help with the problem, that newer driver builds are not tested with the VGA2USB series, and that they have not kept copies of the old driver builds that were tested. So does anyone have any downloaded Debian or Ubuntu x86_64 driver package lying around they they could supply to me, either directly or via Epiphan (given that they seem to have lost their copies!)?

I’m looking for any/all Epiphan driver versions pre-3.31; I don’t care much which kernel version the build is for.

Thanks if you can help!