No signal detected with 1920x1200 input monochrome to DVI2USB 3.0 capture tool

when i try to connect a 1920x1200 monochrome input to the DVI2USB 3.0 capture tool i get no signal detected. refresh rate is 60 hz and the video is grayscale. The tool works fine with 5,6,5 color depth at same resolution.

Is your monochrome signal 10-bit by chance? It’s important to note that our hardware devices cannot capture higher than 8-bit

I believe that it’s 8-bit.

Can you provide more details about the source, such as make/model of the video source? Typically we see monochrome sources as 10-bit which would not be supported. Hopefully with more information, it can be investigated and confirmed

So this is a custom device input that we are testing. I haven’t had any issues capturing this output with the 4k and apparently it was captured previously with the dvi2pcie cards as well. the inputs are all 256 greyscale so they are 8 bit. Let me know if there is any other specific information that would be helpful.

Very odd but interesting. I’d recommend sending us an email at regarding this issue. If possible, please include more details about the physical setup and configuration that has been functional with 4K, including which software application(s) used, screenshot and any other additional information that might be relevant for troubleshooting.

It’s also possible it could be EDID detection related on the DVI2USB 3.0. You could try re-uploaded the default EDID configuration found under the device support page. This may address the signal detection issue, if there has been a glitch with its current EDID file.

To upload the EDID, disconnect any source from the DVI input, navigate under Tools > Upload EDID to device > select the downloaded EDID file configuration > Upload. Once complete, disconnect and reconnect the USB and then test again