"No Paired Encoders"

Been using my Webcaster X2 on YouTube, streaming scheduled events. Tried to setup a livestream on Facebook using their new live studio, and it said I had no paired encoders. I know my Webcaster X2 was paired, since I was able to commence a live stream by clicking Live Video in a post, then hitting start on the Webcaster X2. (After a few brief, “oops” livestreams I figured this out!)

Any guidance on setting up livestreams in advance on Facebook, like I have been doing on YouTube successfully?

This is on a Facebook page for which I am an Administrator. Thanks.

The Webcaster X2 doesn’t actually work within Facebook’s new live studio unfortunately. Sorry to say there really isn’t a way to setup a livestream in advance on Facebook, the Webcaster X2 will create a new post when you start streaming with it. Whether this is on your Page, within a Group, or on your Timeline.

That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks, Adam.

Adam, are there plans to fix this oversight? Or do I simply have to buy a different encoder or go with something like OBS?

At this time there aren’t any plans to add this is a feature unfortunately.