No HDMI Input from Zoom Q8

Does anyone know if the Zoom Q8 works with WCX2? I can connect the USB out of the Zoom to an HDMI monitor and it displays fine and also carries the audio. But I get nothing when connected to the X2. I tried different video settings (1080p, 720p, 30 and 60 fps, etc.) but nothing seems to be working. I just bought the X2 explicitly to use with my Zoom since they both have HDMI. I figured this would just work out well. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

CLARIFICATION: I do get Audio through the WCX2 from the Zoom Q8. Just not seeing the Video. Do I need one of those scaler/switcher converters (as is being suggested on some other posts) due to a video format mismatch?

You will likely need to adjust your EDID on Webcaster. With a Mouse and Monitor connected to Webcaster X2, go to Preferences, EDID, select the progressive only option, right click back to the main page, pull power and reconnect power. Once the Webcaster is fully booted, disconnect and reconnect the HDMI to the input and it should hopefully resolve the issue.

That worked! Thank you.

Had the connection functional for one hot minute, then lost after a rebooting X2 (moved setup to production location), unable to pair the two again.

Each time the Q8’s HDMI cable is connected to the booted-up X2, the Q8 shuts down. As long as the two are connected, the Q8 refuses to power on again.

X2 Reports “No Signal” on internal and external display.

X2 version: 2.23.607218 (“System Updates” click simply refreshes the “Settings” page; assuming device is updated)
Zoom Q8 bios patched: 2.04

X2: Facebook: Preferences: Select EDID: Progressive Only

Any other settings to re-check? Was VERY exciting when it worked, hence frustration now to re-create success factors.

Awesome potential combination of products: both devices are affordable, self-contained, and the Q8’s XLR mic inputs open up so many added chances for musicians. Hoping to get it working again, and thanks in advance for any assistance.

Can you test with other HDMI signals, such as the HDMI output of a laptop?