No Facebook comments

We have purchased an X2 to live stream our sunday service and it has worked great!

for the first few months we could see the number of live viewers and their comments in the comments window on the monitor. However, for the last few months we have lost the comments. I do have show comments checked under preferences, and we do get the comments window and the number of live viewers, but we don’t see any of the comments. If we look on a cell phone simultaneously we can see the live stream and also comments from people. how do i get them back on my X2 monitor?

Facebook had made a change to the API last week, without warning, that had removed access to any destination other then Timeline. We invested from our side and pushed out a hot fix that corrects Groups and Pages. Our development team has continued to work on this, but it appears to be Facebook sever side breaking the API that has caused issue.

Please ensure that you have the latest firmware installed on your X2 device. If there is a firmware available, with a Monitor and mouse connected to the X2, you will see the local UI which would list “Update Available” at the top

Thank you and thanks for the quick response

Follow up: we successfully have live feed weekly and do regular updates, but we still cannot get Facebook comments on our monitor. Any possible change on this?