No Audio on HDMI output


We bought our Pearl mini about two years ago and we use it every week. We use the HDMI output with enabled audio since the begining and it worked well, but currently there is no audio on the HDMI output and we didn’t change the setup.
I tried a lot of things to find the error:

  • the HDMI cable works fine with other signal source
  • upgraded the pearl mini’s firmware
  • disable and enable audio on the output
  • reconfigure the pearl mini.

I don’t know what else I can do to solve the problem.
Could anyone help me?

Aron Fabian

I would recommend verifying that the Channel’s encoding settings audio is enabled as well as the layout’s audio has been selected. As well I would recommend ensuring that the display connected to the HDMI output is not muted or volume turned down to zero.

If the issue persists you may need to test a different display. If the issue persists with a different display please try a factory reset of the Pearl from the bottom of the maintenance page.

Before performing a factory reset, ensure that you have downloaded all important recording files. Factory reset will remove all configurations as well as recorded video files

Thanks for your answer!
Factory reset is the only thing I haven’t tried from the list you mentioned.

Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and smart TVs all use HDMI cables to send high-definition video and audio to a TV or monitor. An “HDMI error unable to display video” error message may appear when an HDMI cable is not functioning properly.
Gaming consoles and televisions can be connected using the industry-standard HDMI visual connector. There are numerous causes for it, including issues with the HDMI cable, the device’s inability to recognize the HDMI signal, or the device’s HDMI port.