New Webcaster X2 showing offline out of the box

Hi, just got a new webcaster x2 and followed all the instructions that came with the box. I know it’s been deprecated for 3 years but is that the reason why it can’t connect to the internet? Ethernet shows ip address. Mouse and monitor plugged in. Power button does nothing whether pressing once or twice. The firmware update message did not appear but I’m thinking it’s because it’s not even able to get on the internet. I’ve reset the device from the menu option as well and also poked the recovery button with a pin. What should I do look for today see if it’s a setting due to a firewall etc? I’m able to connect via wifi and ethernet and both show offline. Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out regarding your Webcaster X2, I’m sorry you’re running into an issue with it! Although the device has been discontinued it should still function, though in a much more limited capacity. Streaming to a Facebook timeline and streaming to a YouTube event both still function as far as we know.

To clarify, it sounds like you’re able to connect the WCX2 to your WIFI network, but it shows as offline. Where does it show as offline? Same question when you connect it via Ethernet. Are you seeing an Offline message on the device itself?

One thing you could try is a hardware reset. You’ll need to have a monitor and USB keyboard connected to the Webcaster. Then make sure the power cable is unplugged, and use a pin to press and hold the recovery button on the side of the unit and plug the power in. Once the green light comes on you can remove the pin. Then after a moment on the monitor you will see options listed. Go to “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Yes – delete all user data”.

Hopefully, this reset resolves the issue you’re running into, but if not we can continue troubleshooting.

Thanks. I did that and still have same issue. I can get on wifi but the front of the x2 says you’re offline. I’m disconnected from wifi and plugged in ethernet cable. Sometimes it would show an ip address sometimes it won’t when u click in settings where it says ethernet. It shows everything filled out on the ethernet page like it’s connected to the internet but stills says you are offline in red on the screen and the unit in white says the same. Question, do I need to plug in camera to get this to work fully? I pulled out the USB mouse and put in USB camera and still doesn’t work. Do I need need hdmi camera?

Hi. Still have same issue.

Sorry that you’re still running into this same issue! Unfortunately, since the Webcaster X2 is discontinued the support we can offer is somewhat limited. If you press the power button, does it cause the text on the front of the device to change? You normally use the power button to cycle through the different available streaming platforms, is it possible it’s currently set to a platform which you aren’t connected to? Just a single quick press should be enough to switch platforms.

You shouldn’t need a camera connected to configure the Webcaster, but it might help confirm if video is being streamed properly. The USB camera functionality was in beta when the product was discontinued, so it may be better to use an HDMI camera instead.