New Pearl 2 - Can't upgrade Firmware

I’m just trying to get rolling with this unit and it has firmware that is almost 2 years old. I repeatedly try to upgrade the firmware but it won’t let me upgrade until I register. So, I register and get confirmation that I have registered and it still requests that I register.

So I am stuck here. I’ve restored the unit to factory settings, I’ve looked on the Epiphan site for the latest firmware. At this point I am stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Please send us an email at requesting the most recent firmware with the serial number of your unit so that we can provide you with the most recent firmware.

I have the same problems after trying to update the firmware. I registered the pearl and the registration was confirmed, but access to the pearl 2 is denied. I was using a simple Username and no password. The login is not functioning with the same old credentials. How can I get access again?

It’s possible that a password has been set since this unit was last used - otherwise, the default login credentials, barring no password as been set by a user should be:

Username: admin

Password is blank (empty) by default.

To be prompted for the username and password, you would need to enter the IP address of the Pearl device into a web browser of a computer on the same network as the Pearl.

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