Network activity list?

Is there a place to see a list of network activity including logins?

Hello Chris - some network activity can be seen in the Pearl logs. Is there a particular bit of information you’re looking for, or perhaps an issue you’re troubleshooting?

Thanks for the reply.
I’m interested in monitoring logins to the servers. I don’t see any event list or indication that a server has been logged into and by whom.

Our Campus requires us to follow the Federal guidelines of FERPA. Those guidelines protect students’ information including where they are and protect Staff/Faculty from being monitored. I need to make sure that these cameras aren’t being used for that purpose. I don’t know of any way to know who logs in, and when, and for how long.


Hello Chris - unfortunately we don’t log when someone logs in via administrator login or otherwise, or for how long. However, if LDAP authentication is used, pointing the Pearl to your LDAP server, I believe we log user credentials in this case.

If you have some more specific requirements, I would encourage you to send us a ticket at
This way for any features we don’t currently have we can make feature requests for the future.