NDI support for NewBlueFX Titler Live 4


We are wanting to use multiple channels out into our Pearl 2 for multilayer titling/lower 3rd/bugs etc.

It would be really useful to have NDI in so we wouldn’t have to use up the physical HDMI ports (and have a PC/MAC with multiple HDMI outs) connecting our Titler Live machine to the Pearl 2.

Alternatively, if someone knows of an NDI -> RTSP middleware to make this happen, that would work in short term.

The videos on how WireCast is using Titler Live with NDI is sexy as all get out!!

Good news everyone!
You may have already heard that NDI support is coming to the Pearl-2 in the next firmware update, 4.8, which is expected mid April.
We have already been playing with NewBlue titles over NDI internally and so far it has been looking good.

SWEET!! (are beta builds available for dealers?)

Hi George,

Regarding to the NDI Topic, Great news! We really need NDI compatibility for the pearl 2. please make it possible to have an NDI input and NDI output. This will make the pearl a monster of a machine.