NDI and Pearl 2

Is there a way to incorporate NDI sources into Pearl 2?

If not, is this something that can be aded via Firmware or would it need to be a hardware solution?

I am about to buy a streaming system for my company but want to make sure the product is ready for the future technologies.

Thanks for all your great products and support.

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Hi Bryan,

I assume by NDI you are referring to Network Device Interface? This standard isn’t supported on our products right now, but it is something we are investigating. Currently you can add an IP stream as a source on the Pearl or Pearl-2 via RTSP. This is documented in the online user guide for the Pearl-2 here: Connect an RTSP source

Hope this helps!

Yes I am referring to NDI - Network Device Interface. I have used it with some other systems and it makes things a lot simpler when say we add a presenters laptop as a source by just having a small NDI app run on their machine. I am trying to avoid having to run a bunch of cable when not needed.

I do really like the Pearl setup and will keep it in the list as an option for our College.


I would love to be able to run my iphone as an NDI camera.

This post is a bit old, NDI has indeed been added into the Pearl-2! This is described in the online user guide here: https://www.epiphan.com/userguides/pearl-2/Content/UserGuides/Streaming/capture/sourceConnectNDI.htm