Multiple streams question

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Before purchasing, I wonder if the Pearl 2 can stream to an RTMP platform like Kaltura AND act as a local host server (to look for the show in same building with lower latency/use less bandwidth) at the same time.

Yes indeed! Pearl2 wouldn’t have any issue both streaming RTMP and acting as a local server for other connections. These local connections can just be opening the HTML5 player on the Pearl in a web browser, using HLS on an iOS device, or using the RTSP stream in something like VLC media player

Thanks for the quick answer, and maybe dumb question, but has the Mini this double stream feature too ? Or is it one of the reason it’s the “mini” and not the regular one ?

Any of the Pearl family are capable of streaming to multiple destinations and also recording all simultaneously. The limits are more of the total number of separate channels that can be created. The Pearl 2 supports 6 channels of 1080p 30fps, while the Pearl Mini can support 2 channels of 1080p 30fps (or 3 channels if there is no scaling/compositing being used in the channels).

Each of the channels can be streamed to multiple destinations and recorded, all at the same time.

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We use this functionality all the time and is a primary reason why we use Pearls (both -2 and Minis) over other encoders. One really handy implementation of this is that it allows us to use any network-capable space as an “overflow room.” In the past, we’d have to run a hard line from cameras in one space to displays in overflow rooms, which was quite limiting (overflow rooms had to be within cabling distance) and ugly (long cable runs, video amplifiers, etc). The Pearl’s streaming-server capabilities make it so the network IS our cable run. Latency is generally 2-5 seconds and it doesn’t require any additional software or CDN.

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