Move from DVI2USB3.0 to DVI2PCIe DUO

Hi there,
in an hospital environment , I’m supporting up to 20 workstation using DVI2USB3.0 to capture endoscopy images and video.
In the next future I have some more workstation to install and I would prefer to use DVI2PCIe DUO for 2 mai reason:
Do not have items outside PC to be stolen or removed
to be able to interface with SDI or DVI with same card.
Looking at all specs it seems that both product supports the same video signal. Unfortunately first test fails trying to grab a signal from a LEICA colposcope.
the output is an HDMI connector, and on the Epiphan Capture Tool,
while the DVI2PCIe DUO shows a “no signal detected”
using a DVI2USB3.0 (same software installation) video is shown with no problem.

to confirm DVI2PCIe DUO is not faulty, I connected a PC video out and in this case it works.
No idea what to do now…
Any help is welcome

greetings from Italy


Sorry to hear about this! It would best if you could send in an email with this information to so we can open a support ticket and troubleshoot this issue directly with you.

Thank you,

  • Adam

thanks Adam,
I’ll send an e-mail immediately.
we already bought many DVI2PCIe DUO and we feel frightened …