Mixer>V-1HD>X2 audio help

Ok total noob question. But I’m totally stumped. As the title says that’s my hook up. But. Not matter what I do, the audio on the actual live stream is but a whisper! In house it’s fine. Everything tests. Why won’t audio broadcast??
I know I know it’s something I forgot, but right know I’m frustrated and need some advice.



If this is all over embedded HDMI, I would guess it is something on the V-1HD, as Webcaster has no audio level adjustments.
We are not familiar enough with the V-1HD to say for sure, but other users have used it successfully with the Webcaster.

The V1-HD has an embedded virtual mixer that takes all of the audio inputs (HDMI and external). Check the volume settings and observe the virtual VU meter on the screen (you have to connect the V1-HD to a computer’s USB input and use their app) to see which channels are contributing (or not) to the audio input.

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I use Scarlett 2i2 (Audio interface). MIxer >2i2, into X2 works great. I also send audio from mixer to Sescom Audio inserter (puts audio into the HDMI stream to record a back up of video to Blackmagic assist. BTW, we are using a small HDMI switcher and HDMI 1x4 splitter. That way if YouTube or ISP does not play nice, then I can upload video after the live event.


Got it! Bad splitter. What a dolly thing to give me such trouble. Thanks everyone