Maximum layout on a pearl mini channel?

Hi there,

I used to play with a pearl mini on version 4.9, with 30 different layouts in channel 1. I never update the firmware as it is integrated in automation system and all is working fine.
Now i have to configure a new Mini, that i update to last version 4.13, it seems that i can’t create more than 16 layout in my channel anymore, copy or add layout is greyed out.
When i import a saved config preset from my ‘old’ mini, i have my all 30 layouts available in my channel, but if i remove one i cannot add it anymore.
Is it a new limitation or a bug on my unit?
Please help as all my setup is based and sell on layout switching!

There were performance improvements added to the 4.13.0j firmware which has applied a layout limitation on the current Pearl Mini and Pearl-2 hardware. I have passed along your feedback to the development team regarding this limitation for consideration to address in a future firmware update.
Firmware updates are optional, but I can certainly understand the frustration regarding your need for 30+ layouts with your current configuration. We can provide you with a previous firmware version that fits your larger layout use case in the mean time. Please email with the serial number of your unit with your request for a previous firmware version and we’ll be happy to assist you

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Hi, thats a major problem for us as well. (limit of layouts).
We use different layouts for “signes”. For info, speaker names etc. Do you have advise on how we can work around this and use differnet signes without adding additional layouts?

Firmware updates are optional and we can certainly provide you with a previous firmware version which does not carry the current layout limit. Please email requesting the previous firmware version for your unit.

The product team is looking into this set limit further to see what changes could be made for future firmware versions. I apologize for the inconvenience

As a workaround, you can duplicate your Channel and place your next 16 layouts in a that Channel… then your 16th layout in your first Channel can use the second Channel as a source… not ideal, but it got me there!

Hi all!

Does the 4.14 removes the maximum layout limitation that appears on the 4.13 firmware?


The limitation to the maximum number of layouts remains in version 4.14 of the firmware. We have noted a number of customer requests for removing the limitation, but I am afraid I don’t have any more news at the moment.

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