Locally network pearl 2 to a computer feeding NDI- then stream the results with wifi?

I’m no network genius so this concept confuses me but I have a hunch someone knows this is possible and how to do it. Can you connect a PC’s network port to the Pearl 2’s network port and thus have an extremely fast send and receive for NDI which would be sent to the Pearl 2 from the PC?

In theory I could then stream via wifi signal using a usb wifi adapter on the pearl 2?

I’m trying to figure out a way to send and receive NDI at gigabyte speeds (or something fast enough that it wouldn’t stutter)

Pearl family hardware devices can only connect to a network utilizing Ethernet. Unfortunately there is no support for Wifi or Wifi adapters/dongles.

While it is technically possible to “bridge” you network connection from a computer to Pearl-2, it would not be simple or ideal for configuration. This would also mean that Both the computer an Pearl would be operating under the computer’s Wifi connectivity

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