Live streaming 8k/3D

Hello, I am new to streaming. I want too live stream concerts in 8k and if possible 3d. What cameras and equipment would you suggest or I would I need too achieve this with good quality with out mindlessly wasting money?

Thank you

Unfortunately we would not be able to provide a comprehensive list of devices on the Epiphan Video forums page as none of our devices currently support 8K.

More importantly, what is your goal in streaming 8K resolution 3D content?

Two large variables to consider would be which platforms that support 8K streaming, and ensuring you have the upload bandwidth to support it.

At the moment, only Vimeo and Youtube could support 8K streaming, and only in h.264 encoding. Very very few devices in the world, especially at a consumer level would be able to leverage 8K content for viewing.

Network bandwidth:
In terms of bandwidth, 8K (7680X4320) is four times the number of pixels as 4K(3840X2160), which largely would mean four times the bandwidth requirement to maintain the necessary streaming quality you would expect at 4K.
If streaming at 4K usually means an encoding bitrate roughly 24Mbits per second, then streaming in 8K to Youtube or Vimeo would require an encoding bitrate of nearly 100Mbits per second.

When streaming, you would also need to account for network overhead.
This would require considering:

  • fluctuations of the network
  • other users on the network itself

Rule of thumb for bandwidth streaming:
Typically we’d recommend 1.5 to 2 times the bandwidth to compensate for the above two considerations.
If we consider the encoding bitrate of nearly 100Mbits per second for 8K, to stream in 8K, your network would need 150 - 200Mbits per second of dedicated upload speed to support streaming at that resolution and quality.

I meant 3d as well as 8k/4k.
I plan to utilize as much as possible. They are a video streaming block chain. Which when more people use it should allow for easier high bandwidth streaming.
If i record in 8k can it be broadcasted in 4k?
That way I would have the footage for later to upload?

Or even just 4k? Would you be able too recommend equipment for that? Thank you.

You could certainly use a Pearl Nano or Pearl-2 with the 4K addon to stream 4K to most anywhere on the internet or locally. Both of these devices support resolutions between 640×480 to 4096×2160 at 8bit colour depth from most standard HDMI, SDI, and IP sources like SRT, RTSP, NDI (Pearl-2 only). Depending on the output of any 3D source, it will need to be explored if it is compatible with our devices input specifications. You can find this information on the tech spec sheets at the top right when looking at the product main pages listed below.

Here is a comparison between the Pearl devices. Note, Pearl Mini is not compatible with 4K

Here is more information specific to Pearl Nano:

Here is more information specific to Pearl-2:

Happy to help with any further questions!