Linkedin Live Support via Pearl2

Curious if you guys will ever add support for Linkedin live through the Epiphan Pearl2?

I’m getting lots of requests for this, and up till now I’ve had to run these streams through Wirecast.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately Linkedin does not support direct RTMP/RTMPS ingestion, they only offer an API and only released that API to specific partners.
Which means to use a Pearl with Linkedin Live you would need to use a 3rd party service in the middle that can ingest RTMP/RTMPS and then output to the Linkedin API.
They have a PDF (linked below) with the various service options. I would personally look at Wowza or Restream.


I update this topic as many customers would like to start streaming to Linked In, are there new epiphan plans about a possible partnership? It seems tha Mevo and teradek are on the way to support this soon.

It is something we are hoping to do, but ultimately it is up to LinkedIn and not us.
If they open up to generic RTMP/HLS/DASH/SRT like basically everyone else, no problem!
But if they keep going on the specific authorized API stuff, who knows.
We continue to talk to them and hope to see some progress.