LDAP configuration

Have problems configuring LDAP can some one share the correct configuration for LDAP.

Here is a link to the user guide to better assist you with your desired LDAP Authentication

HI Thank you, But will not work in our setup some how, and it seams that I can’t get any were any logs to see what is actually the pearl communicating with LDAP server and where is failing.

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Daniel or anyone that reads this,
I am also looking for any log files on the Pearl Nano. We are a 2 domain shop and we setup one set of Nanos working but the other encoders are failing on the other domain. I would like to see the logs to try yo troubleshoot this issue.
The instructions are good but do not tell us where to go for the log files.

The permanent logs (if enabled) can be found with a download link near the top of the Maintenance page in the Web UI. I would recommend sending us an email at info@epiphan.com with your issue, as well as the logs so that we can assist you in determining the cause.

The permanent logs are not user-friendly and dictate all actions performed by Pearl itself. We can certainly work on deciphering them with you.

I’d also recommend verifying your path and credentials, as that may be part of the issue. Pearl does not support most special character and therefore you would need to use the ASCII equivalent

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