Layout numbering Pearl-2

Hi all
Just posting here to see if there is a better way of managing this. While setting up a Pearl 2 layout’s we create and delete a heap of test layout’s. Once we are done we notice that the layout number, as depicted int the URL does not match with what is on the screen.

This is a pain for the team programming our control processor because they have to recall the layout according to the Layout number in the URL not the logical number as shown on the Layout screen. So once we have finalised our layouts we make notes, delete all of them and re create them again in the right order. Is there a better/more effective way of fixing this?

Hello Rick,
Unfortunately, due to the way the Pearl logically numbers layouts the way you have suggested is the only real way to address the issue of numbering. Deleting the channel would remove all of the layouts more quickly, but you would be in the same situation with the channels then, where they would be logically numbered from the highest numbered channel, and you would then need to delete all of the channels to get them back to the default numbering scheme.

What I would recommend is to perform a factory reset on the Pearl-2 to get it back to the default numbering system, if necessary, and then only create layouts you plan on using going forward.
Making sure to simply alter them rather than delete them, and avoid deleting the Default number 1 layout, so you can always just erase all of the other layouts if you need to reset, rather than delete the channel or reset the device.

Hi ZBell
Thanks for your reply. Can I ask is there any thing on the roadmap to assist in this respect? If not could it be added in as a feature request perhaps?

You’re very welcome! Unfortunately, this is not currently on the roadmap for development. However, I will pass this information on to our development team, and file a feature request for you!