Issue with iOS 15 hotspot

My Webcaster X2 can no longer connect to my iPhone hot spot since I upgraded to iOS 15 a few weeks ago. I am assuming that is a bug with iOS15. I am also thinking it could be WebCaster X2 not supporting WPA3 for hot spot connections which is new to iOS 15. Anyone else have this issue?

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Hi @teamnixxy, I found a solution/workaround for this!

I have been having this exact problem ever since I updated to iOS 15+, and it impacted my ability to stream our church’s service from my iPhone (which I had done since the beginning of the pandemic) - not fun. I had to temporarily use my wife’s phone and she had to keep it on iOS 14.x so we could use it for the Sunday stream.

However! I found a workaround: You can connect a WPA3-compatible “Wi-fi extender” to your iPhone’s hotspot, and run an ethernet cable from the extender to the Epiphan X2. This allows the X2 to connect to the network via the ethernet jack, while the extender acts as an adapter and bridges the Wi-fi to the ethernet connection.

The extender that I am using is a D-Link DAP-1610, which I picked up refurb on Amazon for less than $20. (As an aside, D-Link does not list WPA3 compatibility for the DAP-1610 on its US/Canada marketing, but does list it for the same model in Australia and Europe. I bought the US version on the off chance that WPA3 support was undocumented for the US version and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was.)

I chose that one because it was a good deal, but any Wi-fi extender that has an ethernet port and supports WPA3 should do the trick. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works for now and should hold our church over until I bite the bullet swap our OG ATEM Mini for an ATEM Mini Pro or something similar that supports USB tethering.

Good luck! Feel free to reply and let me know if you need any additional info.