Integration with Crestron

Hi everyone just have a quick question, anybody ever integrated Pearl Mini or Pearl 2 with 3 series crestron media presentation and to control it with an ipad. Does it required any additional licences for ipad.
Please share the details.

I don’t have low level details for setting up the Crestron or about licenses or iPad connectivity. But I do know that there is a Crestron module they have made for controlling our Pearl units. I would recommend taking a look at this:

Thanks for the info, However does Epiphan models have any IOS application to control the basic setting (may be the setting that are available in the pearl display.) If it have pearl can be connected to network, the ipad connected in the same network can communicate each other right.?

In short the person shouldn’t go to pearl just start/stop the recording it should be done remotely.

If the iPad is connected to the same network as Pearl-2, you could simply use the Web UI or Epiphan Live - the mobile-friend extension of the Web UI for start/stop of recordings and streams and live switching.

Beyond that, there are HTTP API and RS-232 commands available in the user guide for your own custom integreation.

The Crestron integration works really well but is a bit limited since it does not cover all of the API. Lecture capture is quite simple though and the only additional command needed for us in universities is to name the recording. In integrations we have done we have (when possible) used automation of this from the exchange calendar through a Crestron Fusion server and named the recording from the subject of what is currently booked in the room calendar and then sent that as a serial string to the Epiphan unit. Hopefully that particular part of the API Will be added in future module updates.

Just for the record, the Crestron module only supports IP control of the Pearl-2. It does NOT use the serial port for control. I agree that the Crestron module works well but has several limitations like only supporting 5 layouts and the layouts must be numbered 1 to 5. You can’t have a layout 6 and use the Crestron module.