Insufficient Bandwidth -- Webcaster X2

Hi everyone!

We recently upgraded our internet connection specifically to do the highest quality streaming we can with the Webcaster X2. We went from ~5Mbit/sec upload stream to ~30Mbit/sec up.

I have our YouTube settings set to 8000 kbit, and it struggles to maintain that (bouncing between 6000 and 8000). A couple of notes:

  • Nothing else is happening on our network during these streams.
  • The Webcaster is connected via Gigabit ethernet, not Wifi.
  • During the streams, I can purposefully run other stuff on the network and get 20-25Mbit/sec upload speeds, so our internet connection is not the bottle neck here. It has 10x the needed bandwidth to bridge the gap between the settings and the lowest reported bitrate.

Are there any settings I should double check or things I can do to determine what’s going on here? It probably doesn’t make a huge difference, but I would love to have the max quality that we should be able to stream out AND not have those error messages continually popping on the X2.


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Been there! Would love to hear from others on this, too.
In my 2.5 years using my WX2 to stream on YouTube, I’ve found the messages coming from it regarding bitrates are not the whole story. Of course, when it says Device Offline or 700k when I’m shooting for 8M, I see issues in the final product on YT. But, when it’s bouncing between 6-8M, I see no problems. One can stare at Stats for Nerds or whatever YT calls it, but I’ve found second to second bitrate information to be a distraction, keeping me from focusing on doing my best show.

Can we hear from the the community on this? Thanks!

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