Insufficient bandwidth 1080p/4Mbps with 100/20Mbps Internet connection

I tried switching to 1080p/4Mbps video to improve picture quality. I was getting insufficient network bandwidth message. Video bit rate was adjusting between 1700 and 3500 kbps. We have 100/20Mbps Internet service in our building which seems to be more than enough. I ran Speedtest while X2 was saying that there is a bandwidth issue. I was still getting 119/23Mbps. X2 is connected by wire directly to AT&T Fiber modem. It felt more like X2 was not able to maintain 1080p/4Mbps output than it was a bandwidth issue. Am I missing something?

Speed tests are a great place to start, but there are some things to consider, such as speed tests will tell you what the peak speed are, but do not tell you the overall average speed. There are a number of factors to consider that can affect this: Other users using the upload bandwidth, security restrictions that can throttle or block speeds to certain destinations, your connection type (WIFI vs LAN.)

Based on the information provided mentioning the adjusting bitrate between 1700 and 3500 kbps, that would suggest that your network could be struggling to maintain consistent upload speeds, and likely averages around 2000 kbps. Insufficient bandwidth messages would populate if you have a static bitrate set on the Webcaster X2 that cannot be met by the network. The variable bitrate option can be disabled for Webcaster X2 on the Preferences page. You can access the local user interface by connecting a USB mouse and HDMI monitor to the webcaster X2.
You can assign a static bitrate as well to help address and provide a more consistent bitrate. I would recommend emailing us in support at for further troubleshooting questions.