Incorrect contrast values

Hello all,

We have a problem with our Pearl 2 that has been bothering us for a while now. Our Pearl has the latest BIOS and firmware.
The problem is that the contrast is not right in the very bright and in the very dark areas. I have attached pictures to give you a better understanding. But this is only the case with streaming.
The local recording does not have the error, here the recorded material looks like in the source. However, if you look at the streams, including the local broadcast, you can clearly see that the contrast increases, similar to the misinterpretation of full and right.
What we also see in the waveforms is a colour shift of the individual channels. The individual colour channels of the greyscale in the test chart no longer overlap in the waveform monitor.
We have tested with various setups - including test chart from NewTeks’ NDI Test Pattern Tool, SDI from Sony PXW-FS7, SDI via our broadcast system in the house and obvan - the problem occurs everywhere. Even interlaced or progressive makes no difference.

How can such an error occur? Why does the Pearl so clearly misinterpret the signal when encoding h.264, while it gets it right when recording locally?

We can rule out the possibility that it is due to the streaming platform behind it. We have tested AWS as well as Streamshark, Vimeo and Kaltura. It must be happening in the Pearl.

I hope you can help me.


Hi Silvio,

We have an open ticket with you regarding this issue, it would be best to continue the troubleshooting in there. I have responded to the original ticket which should hopefully reach you unless your email has changed. If your email has changed, please contact with your new email and we can add it to the existing ticket.

Thank you,

  • Adam

Hi there,

i had the chance to measure the Streamoutput of one pearl2 here, and i almost got the same results
(SRT 4M 1080p50) on a local connection. Should we open a case as well, or wait for a solution?