How to announce a scheduled live stream

Today’s Epiphan Facebook video on building your live stream audience featured a pre-event post that said Ephiphan was planning to live stream at a certain time and also had a count-down clock. In addition, shortly before the broadcast began, a message popped up saying something like “waiting for Epiphan broadcast.” I know that some time back, Facebook stopped the ability to stream to a scheduled event with an automatic start, and this seems somewhat similar. However, I don’t recall seeing this particular application before, which looked like it had a manual start.

Is it possible to set up this kind of notice within X2? On the Facebook event itself? Or do I need to create a separate post? I can’t see anywhere on Facebook or X2 that allows it.

The way that we do the Live Show events are published through our corporate page using Pearl-2. Which still allows for scheduled streams. What FB removed was streaming to Events, but not scheduled streams on a Page, different functions.
That being said, the scheduled streams on a Page is usually done with custom RTMP.
With Webcaster X2 you can do an ad-hoc stream to a page, timeline or group, unfortunately it does not allow you to select a scheduled stream.

Is there any update on this? The way we’re using now is we just ‘go live’ to our facebook page a couple of minutes beforehand to allow notifications to be sent out, etc… but it would be nice to be able to schedule the fb live event and promote it during the week. Would you guys need to institute ‘custom RTMPS platform’ selection in order to do this?

Facebook does not have any “live soon” type notifications so unfortunately there’s nothing exposed within the API that can be used to push out notifications. This also applies for standard streaming protocols as well. Both require a manual trigger and it is entirely up to Facebook to decide whether or not a notification can or will be sent.

So basically there is no way for the Webcaster X2 to access a scheduled Facebook Live video?

Facebook removed the option in the API to stream to Scheduled events in April 2018 among many other updates and changes.

You can certainly stream to a Group or Page to which you are an Admin however

Sorry to reopen this thread again as I have the exact same question as the others. Do wonder if any changes since 2018 and 2019. Thank you for your attention.


I don’t stream to Facebook much. I use my Webcaster X2 almost exclusively on YouTube.
However, I did a livestream on Facebook on Feb 9, and I was not able to schedule it in advance. As noted above, I was only able to do an “ad hoc” livestream to a Page I administer. It started as soon as I hit Start at the Webcaster X2 screen. I could not use the Facebook Live Studio (or whatever it is called) to schedule or manage the livestream. It just shows up as another Post (i.e. “ABC Page was live!”)
The only way to promote a livestream to a page is in prior posts announcing and reminding. I suppose you could set up an Event, but viewers would not be able to see the livestream there since FB doesn’t allow that. Viewers would have to go back to your Page to see it.
Hope this helps. I’m open to ideas/suggestions from others!

Any updates on this ? I’m very interested in doing exactly what the others have been posting.


Still the same, no chance to use the Webcaster for scheduled FB events…d’oh.

To aid in the promotion of the event, make a teaser or channel trailer. At least 48 hours before going live, share your streaming URL. For simple sharing, link your social media profiles to your channel. Send the links to bloggers that might want to use your content and embed the URL on your website. Like if you want to announce live stream of t20 world cup and you want your users to hear about it then first if you have subscribers then send them push notifications. Second you can use FB, Instagram for promotions, make ads and promote them.