How do you update Epiphan x2

How do you do updates to the Epiphan webcaster x 2?

If an update is available for X2, It would list “update available” at the top of the user interface. To access the UI, you will need to connect an HDMI monitor and a USB mouse to the Webcaster X2 device. The final firmware versions for Webcaster X2 that was released in March is 2.23.60

I keep getting a device offline error. We have reset our network router and replaced our cords. We are still having the same issue.

device offline error would typically be caused by a network connectivity issue. Outages that are too short for the network connection or stream to actually go down, but significant enough to throw an error message. This would be most common with networks that have a firewall throttling or restricting the connection to the end destination (like Youtube or Facebook as an example)

Is that an use that my isp would need to help me with? or is there a way for me to watch a tutorial to do it?

I get the same error 4 or 5 times during a 1 hour Sermon.

If you are on a home personal network it is likely that you do not have a firewall on by default. If you had enabled a firewall on a home network you would find settings for it in your internet modem configuration page. If this is a network at a church, business, federal building, or something to that nature, then you would need to speak to the network admin responsible for the network to assist you.

If this is a personal network with no firewall, it could be an internet upload bandwidth speed issue. If you have a low upload network speed this would cause Webcaster X2 to throw up the “offline” error and likely cause issues streaming