How do you mix NDI audio within Pearl2?

Perhaps I need to ask this in a new way. How do you mix NDI audio within Pearl2? Ive seen a lot on the web with people mixing NDI audio with VMIX but that’s sort of not the point here. I’m using Pearl 2, not VMIX so is there any way to control the audio volume that goes from the NDI source before its output from the Pearl 2?

Thanks for any advice


It’s possible to mix NDI audio sources, in the sense that you can combine the audio of multiple NDI inputs into a single stream, however there is no control over the level/volume of those NDI inputs, the resulting audio output simply “sums” the sources together. The desired level must be sent prior to ingest on the Pearl. Increased sound/mixer control is something we are looking at implementing in future, though I couldn’t say when or if this would happen.

Thanks for the reply. OK so might I then ask are you aware of software that would boost the NDI volume prior to ingest on the pearl?

Here’s my setup. Titler Live 4 going out NDI is quiet. If I could boost that a little would be great. I have it up all the way in the Titler Live software so its almost like if I could place a virtual software preamp that would be perfect. I just can’t find any software that does that.

Hmm, I’m not aware of any software specifically, however the free NDI tools from Newtek themselves are quite a valuable resource, I’m not sure if they can do specifically what you’re looking for but I would definitely start there.

Best of luck!