Higher Quality Audio?

Hi, new here to the forum, I apologize in advance if I post this in the wrong spot or am asking a duplicate question.
Have been using the webcaster 2 for about a year now to broadcast our church services to YouTube and love it.
Any way do get higher quality audio on the stream? For speaking it’s fine but for live music, the 128kbps isn’t very good. Even 192kbps would be better. If not, can I request this, possibly for the next update?
Thanks in advance.

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Updated to the newest firmware, was happy to see video bandwidth up to 8000, which greatly improved our 1080p stream. Now if we could only get high audio quality - even just 192 would be better than the 128! Please add this in a future update! Thanks!

Hello Aaron,

Higher quality audio would certainly be possible, but 128k is the recommended standard for the platforms such as facebook and youtube live. We want to make sure our encoded output is the ideal the platforms want, though of course in practice they can ingest higher bitrates. I will mention this to the development team as something to consider for a future firmware update!

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Thank you Adam! I look forward to this hopefully being included in a future update as an option.

Hi guys, just wanted to know if the audio bitrate is still 128 kbps in the last updates ?

Thanks a lot !

128k is still the bitrate for the audio sent out from the Webcaster X2. The updates haven’t included an ability to set a different audio bitrate. This may be something they add in a future update, though I cannot make any promises here unfortunately.

Higher audio bitrate would be fantastic!

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Yeah, I’m waiting for ability to change audio codec bitrate too!!!