HDMI no signal message

HDMI signal not detected from Black Magic Intensity Shuttle.

As a default, black magic devices output an Interlaced signal. Webcaster X2 supports 720P and 1080P signal types. There should be somewhere in the setting that allows you to adjust the setting from interlace to progressive on the Black Magic device

I changed the setting and the Webcaster did not accept the signal

I selected 720p and 1080p.I connected a monitor to the the black magic design as well to ensure the feed was coming out of the device.

You can try adjusting EDID settings on the Webcaster X2 as well. With an HDMI monitor and USB mouse connected to the X2, click on Preferences, scroll down and click on EDID, select the “progressive only” option, right click back to the main screen, power cycle the device. Once the unit has successfully booted, disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable from the Webcaster. If the signal being output from Blackmagic is proper 720P or 1080P the signal should appear.

Black Magic does sometimes ignore progressive/interlaced changes if it sees an interlaced video source connected to its input, so it’s possible that could also be a cause of the issue.

I will attempt your suggestions and let yo know.Thanks

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I had no success.I can see on the webcaster when the signal changes when ever the blackmagic send an interlaced signal a note in red appears at the bottom that reads signal not spported. When a progressive signal is sent the screen turns black and the the HDMI resolution is seen at the top left section of the display(19201080 or 1270720) however there is no picture.

What are you video sources that are connected to the Black Magic device? If any of the devices are: DVD Player, BluRay player, DVR, PVR, Satellite box; Netflix, Android media box, etc, All of these devices have HDCP encryption which would prevent the illegal capture of copyrighted content over HDMI

I am using a Panasonic Camcorder with component signal out to the Blackmagic. What is interesting is if I use an HDMI source into the Blackmagic Webcaster would detect it and it would show as well.However My camcorder don’t have HDMI out.This is the reason for the Blackmagic.I also would like to have the switching ability by connecting a switcher.

On another note the usb camera option is only available for 720 or lower res. cam?

If the component signal is not being correctly converted to the HDMI standard, it’s possible that would not be received by Webcaster X2. You may need to consider some sort of active adapter to convert the signal from Component to HDMI.

The USB camera feature is still technically a Beta so there are some limitations to frame size. You would indeed be limited to 720P unfortunately

I have no problem with 720p however I have a microsoft web cam and Webcaster won’t accept a signal from it.If it down scale the signal I am ok with that however when I use it it give me a similar issue where it black out or no signal.I have not tried it by selecting progressive only not sure if that would work.

2.Webcaster will not through any updates be capable of receiving interlaced signals

  1. Will Webcaster through any updates be capable of receiving interlaced signals in the near future?

Unfortunately as the Webcam feature is BETA there are certainly some signals and webcam types that are untested and unsupported. Can you provide me with the make and model of the unit so that we can add it to the list for signal compatibility?

There are no interlaced capabilities of any kind with Webcaster X2 unfortunately.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 720p HD Webcam - Black
by Microsoft

Were you able to add my webcam to the list?

Sorry, to clarify, it has been added to the “customer reported camera list” with some signal compatibility, which the development team has access to reference, but no development improvements have been done specifically for your camera. Unfortunately as a beta feature, there are instances where there are compatibility issues. It’s possible there could be a fix for some cameras in the next firmware update but that is entirely dependent on the road map.

Hello :slight_smile:
REally interested if you managed to get the blackmagic working … still black screen … Written 1920x1080 … yet not working … i’m stuck both using OBS with an internal webcam (progressive source) … The application Blackmagic desktop video shows Nothing into output … strange

I will update you later

Thank you. I’m looking forward to it … i’m pulling my hairs ^^
I’ve a Yi Action Cam with 1080i and i need its wide angle for conference meetings … for the moment i’ve setup my C920 Logitech which is fantastic with webcaster … yet its viewangle is insufficient…

Good day Your issue most likely is the the 1080i signal.I was using a
Panasonic HD cam HVX200.I had to set the camera to 720p.The webcaster only
works with progressive signals.Once I sent a progressive signal it worked.