HDMI Input Once you saw it, Now you don't

I have my setup working perfect for 2 weeks, using an Avipas HDMI web cam, and a USB web cam. Today I break it all down and move it across the room. Now the Webcaster 2 can’t see my Avipas webcam, but sees the USB camera. I need it for Sunday Worship worship. Any Ideas??
Thanks in advance

Hello, I would recommend testing with a different HDMI input signal to see if this is detected or not. For example trying the HDMI output of a laptop here or a different HDMI camera. If the other HDMI source works the problem might be with the camera itself or the cable. If the other source doesn’t work then we may be looking at a problem with the webcaster, in which case a factory reset would be a good idea. This can be done under Settings -> Backup and Reset